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Background of Establishment

The Japan Adventure Tourism Association (JATO) was established in cooperation with tourism-related organizations, universities, and businesses to “raise awareness and popularize adventure tourism (AT),” “develop a system to support planning, distribution, and human resource development of high value-added, high quality, and high value AT products,” and “promote the attraction of AT tourists, mainly from the major markets of Europe and North America, to Japan. The purpose of this incorporated association is to “promote the attraction of AT travelers to Japan, especially from Europe and the U.S., which are major markets for AT.

The Council, which became fully operational on July 9, 2019, is headed by Mr. Masayuki Onishi, President of Akan Adventure Tourism Corporation, and its secretariat is located within JTB Research Institute, Inc.

JATO is collaborate with the Adventure Travel Trade Association, a global organization based in Seattle, as an advisor to promote world-class AT as one of the objectives of a visit to Japan.

JATO Activities

  1. Holding AT seminars to deepen understanding
  2. Area diagnosis, advice, and support for AT initiatives in each region
  3. Training and certification of AT guides
  4. Organize and manage ATTA-related global events in Japan
  5. Disseminate information and provide networking opportunities in Japan and abroad
  6. Research and dissemination of AT-related information


Find Your Adventure Story

Adventure tourism : A form of travel that combines two or more of the following : “nature,” “activities,” and “cultural experiences.

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